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Crystal Healing and Chakra Therapy

Not sure what it is? Not sure if its for you?

Well, hopefully we can answer some of your questions!

Crystal healing is a non invasive therapy, which uses the powers of reiki healing alongside the power of crystals. It is believed that crystals have their own powers, and offer different vibrations caused by the energy that was used to construct them. We see in history that we have an understanding of the properties of crystals; the ancient Egyptians adorned jewellery and tombs with Lapis Lazuli as it was believed to ward off evil. In years gone by moonstone was worn by the bride at a wedding, and was a symbol of fertility. The chinese worship the stone of Jade, and it has been said for many centuries to be a kidney healing stone, among other properties. Thanks to our ancestors we are able to learn and apply the attributes of the stones and change our vibrations in order to achieve a more balanced being.

Chakra balancing is a form of healing that focuses in the 7 chakras. From time to time the body goes though different traumas that have an impact on the mental and pyshical body. By rebalancing these, we are able to let our enery flow and have a more positive and connective outlook. We are able to serve our purpose better and forgive traumas of our past.

We pair these healing skills with sensual use of soundbaths and incense when treating our clients ....... bliss.

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